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2015 Triumph Bonneville America 865

Price: £7,999
5300 mi
Azure Blue
West Coast Triumph
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Top Prices Paid for PX's
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2015 Triumph Bonneville America 865


The Triumph America is a cruiser with real cred – it harks back to the Thunderbird and other Triumphs modified in the States in the 60s and 70s.

This means the America is not regarded as a Harley clone or copy as are many other Japanese cruisers. It’s a competent motorcycle too. It’s not particularly rapid or sporty but the Triumph America is a pleasure to ride and well put together.

The Triumph Bonneville America was not built with the British in mind, but to crack the massive American motorcycle market, which is why it was officially the longest and lowest Triumph to roll off a production line since the firm was born in 1902. And that’s ideal for long, straight highways rather than England’s green and pleasant lanes.

And at first glance the Bonneville America is a bike that would appeal to any red-blooded Harley fanatic. In fact the way it looks is the best thing about it.